We are a company based in Bochnia, where we design websites and online stores based on the latest technologies, as well as create modules and expand them. We care about the visual attractiveness and the highest technical quality of the designs we create, and above all, that they perfectly fulfill their commercial, information, promotional or image tasks.

We care about your success!

International experience in web design

Maal's headquarters is located in Bochnia, however, we implement a significant part of our website projects for companies from Europe. Our modern websites are used by clients from Poland as well as Belgium, France and the Czech Republic.

The appearance of the website matters!

Our actions are inspired by this slogan. We are aware that a significant proportion of consumers assess the professionalism of companies based on the quality of its website, logo and advertising materials. Maal will make sure that your company website is an asset to your business.

We work with ambitious clients

Particularly important to us are all customers who, by creating a modern website, want to show the professionalism of their company and use it as an important step in business development.

Move to the future!

We give you the key to your company's future. What you do with it depends entirely on you. You can stay where you are and watch the competition overtake you. You can also be one step ahead of her thanks to a modern website that beats all other projects in terms of breakthroughs on the head.

Business websites

We create modern, responsive websites for companies whose task is to emphasize the professionalism of our clients.

Redesign of company websites

You have a website, but you are not happy with its appearance and operation? We will design a better version of the website for Ciepie, in line with the latest trends in webdesign.

Refinement in every detail

We give our clients an insight into the stages of creating a website, which is why our clients are always fully satisfied with the final results.