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The websites we make are modern and responsive, i.e. adapted to every device - they work equally well on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. They are designed to attract the customer's attention, thanks to which they are characterized by a high conversion rate.

The implementation process



Without a good plan, there will be no perfect project. We invite you to a meeting at our headquarters, where we set the details of your dream implementation. It is with great pleasure that we advise you on what will be best for you and what you will be satisfied with, and by the way we will drink delicious coffee from our machine.


Review of assumptions

In the next step, we present the path that the project will follow to the final version. You will also see the estimated time and cost of work. Have you forgotten to tell us something and you want to have it in your project? No problem. Contact us, we will definitely help.


Coding Time

You do nothing at this step, but we make every effort to make you happy with our work. We are in touch with each other on an ongoing basis and inform you about the progress of work. After the work is finished, we publish your project on the test server.


Time for corrections and publication

Now it's time to refine applications to perfection, we do tests, apply patches, the final touches of your project. Then we publish your project to the server you specify.


End of work

This is! Congratulations! Your project is fully functional and ready to use, may it serve you! After completing the work, we give you a fix pack and technical support in case of problems. We can also take care of the further development of your amazing project.

We interested you? Feel free to contact us.