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About us

We are a company based in Bochnia, where we design websites and online stores based on the latest technologies, as well as create modules and expand them. We care about the visual attractiveness and the highest technical quality of the designs we create, and above all, that they perfectly fulfill their commercial, information, promotional or image tasks.


What makes us stand out?


We pay attention to details. We make sure that websites created by Maal are of the highest quality, which ensures efficiency.

Customer approach

We care about the satisfaction of every client, which is why every client has insight into the stages of creating a website.

A comprehensive offer

We offer a number of additional options: graphic designs, updates and site care. The offer contains much more, we encourage you to check.


In our work, we combine experience in creating internet projects and the creativity of a young team of IT specialists and graphic designers.

Appearance and functionality

In our work, we attach particular importance to combining system functionality requirements, easy navigation and a transparent way of presenting information.

The implementation process



Without a good plan, there will be no perfect project. We invite you to a meeting at our headquarters, where we set the details of your dream implementation. It is with great pleasure that we advise you on what will be best for you and what you will be satisfied with, and by the way we will drink delicious coffee from our machine.


Review of assumptions

In the next step, we present the path that the project will follow to the final version. You will also see the estimated time and cost of work. Have you forgotten to tell us something and you want to have it in your project? No problem. Contact us, we will definitely help.


Examples of implementation



Vyskove Prace Bilek


Why is it worth creating a website?

  1. You save on customer service
  2. You acquire new customers in a simpler way
  3. You are a trusted contractor because you care about the company's image
  4. You use additional ad channels
  5. You establish a lasting relationship with customers
  6. You are building your brand on the internet
  7. Your website is working while you are sleeping
  8. You put the page in costs, it's obvious :)